God. Kingdom.

We are a faith-based business development platform that was created for the under-served, unrepresented, and underfunded. We believe in putting God first in everything that you do - including business. 

With our platform, you can come as you are. We provide you with the knowledge, strategy, and tools to help you build your God-given vision.

Join our community of business owners who have a mission of making an impact not only in business but in the kingdom.

Principles of Design

Marketing Psychology

Biblical Principles of Business


There’s no need to learn how to build, launch or scale your business on your own. With our program, you’ll be able to follow our proven blueprint to go from 0 to a brand with a foundation for success in just a few weeks. 



Our Easy-To-Understand modules will take you from a complete beginner to a successful business that is prepared to be recognized as their industry leader.

Graphics & Advertising 

Principle of Basic Graphic Designing

Branding  Basics

Branding Hacks & Techniques


Marketing  Basics & Strategies

Smart Automation Tools

How To Automate Your Systems  & Backoffice Tasks

Grow Your Vision

Each module was crafted in a way that’s easy to understand regardless of your experience and to get you results as fast as possible. You won’t learn unnecessary stuff. You’ll learn how to get results for yourself, and how to get results for your clients. 



Un-represented. & Under-funded. 

Black Billionaire Institute is PROUDLY founded, owned and operated by female black entrepreneur, Dina Davis. 


File Sharing

Total Design


Exclusive Monthly Business Masterclasses 

Modules that are full of content, guides, PDFs, and/or assignments for you to become familiar with exactly what you need to do to level up in no time.

Monthly Pre-Made Templates 

We’ll give you monthly template designs available to make implementing what we are learning easy to apply.

Telegram Group Access

Join our telegram community of minority business owners where you’ll be able to keep learning every single day. In addition to the live Q&A’s to help answer any questions that 

Quarterly BLKCOLLECTION Subscription Box & Newsletter

Includes our God. Kingdom. Business planner, EXCLUSIVE BLKCOLLECTION merch, and products from minority business owners like you. Just cover the shipping 

Learn everything you need to know to become a confident, successful, and AMAZING startup business. We’ll guide you through the principles of design from A to Z so you know what’s the best way to structure your business for very different clients without hesitating.

What Our Clients Say

“This was exceptional! Far better than seminars I've paid hundreds of dollars to attend. Much better value and I received useful information that I could use immediately without having to pay more money to attend something else. I'm excited and ready to go to the next level with my business. Thank you Black Billionaire Institute!!”

Tina G.

Florida, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the entrepreneurial classes. I learned a lot from these courses.

Monica S. Florida, USA

Dina Davis is inspirational and extremely educated in business! I love how she pours her heart out in her workshops to help us!! She has awesome energy!

Angel W.  Florida, USA

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